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A letter from the founders

We hope you are all staying safe & healthy throughout these tough times. I know what you're thinking, oh great, another update about COVID-19—but please hear us out!

We wanted to keep our customers and supporters in the loop and given the current circumstances with COVID-19, we wanted to let you know we are doing everything we can in taking the right precautions to flatten the curve.

Our suits are currently stored in sealed bins in our home office and are only accessed by co-founders, Paige & Alex. Prior to packaging any orders, we are ensuring that hands are washed and any items that should require sanitizing are wiped down with disinfecting wipes.

As the mail system has not been affected at this time we are still shipping orders as usual. Returns & Exchanges are also still being accepted we just kindly ask that you too take the right precautions when sending return items.

We started this exciting business journey in 2018, and put our heart, soul and savings into developing products that were not only sustainable but looked good too. Like many small businesses, COVID-19 has hit us hard as LAC is a seasonal brand (hello summer) and a bulk of our customers are avid travellers.  

With that being said we are pleased to announce that we have now changed our prices indefinitely, and have also added gift cards to our site! Buy now and shop later—when summer arrives, the beaches and lake re-open, or for when you book your next trip!

Thank you to all of our friends, family and customers who have supported us! And if you’re new reading this, welcome to the LAC fam! Even if you aren’t able to purchase, we would love any small-business support you can offer like telling a friend, or comment, liking and sharing our content to help boost us up!

Stay positive & stay safe,

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