Meet Paige & Alex: The ladies behind LAC

Meet Paige & Alex: The ladies behind LAC | LAC SWIM

Behind the scenes, there's a lot that happens behind the brand, LAC swim. We wanted to introduce ourselves formally, so you can get to know us a bit better and what inspired us to launch a swimwear brand in 2019.

How did you two meet?

Alex: Hmm, we met at a fairly young age, I would say around 10 years old or so! Our families happen to go way back, but we first became friends through skiing at Georgian Peaks. As we got older, Paige and I started to talk business, goals, and becoming entrepreneurs, which brought us close in a different way. It's awesome to have a friend with whom you align so closely on those things. 

Paige: We've had some really fun times together over the years. It's amazing running a brand with someone you've known for so long because there's less worry—and it's also way more fun. We're really aligned on everything we do, from the brand story to styles, to the brand's future.  

What are your roles at LAC?

Paige: Before launching LAC, I owned a makeup brush brand for 4 years, so I was very experienced with eCommerce and in using Shopify, and I also have a strong design background, so I handle a lot of that side of the business. Otherwise, we tag-team most things like shipping, manufacturing and operations. It's definitely a challenge wearing many hats while also working full-time, but having another person makes it much easier. 

Alex: When it comes to the suits themselves and design, style, fabric etc. we both designed everything. We have a lot of similar ideas as well as different ones, but we are able to work so cohesively together that when we reach our final goal we are both so excited about the result. It's a co-founder's dream, really. 



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Do you run the brand full-time?

Alex: Not yet! Haha, we would love that, but not at the moment. Ultimately that is the goal, but we try to focus our time as best we can. I am also a Real Estate Agent. I love it, and it allows me to have the balance and ability to focus on LAC! 

Paige: Like Alex said, we hope to only work on LAC in the future. Beyond the brand, I work full-time as a Growth Marketing Manager for a tech start-up. A lot of the experience and skills I've gained working in the SaaS industry has been extremely transferable to owning a DTC brand which I see as an asset!

What motivated you to launch a swim line?

Paige: I still remember the exact moment we dreamed up LAC, it was during a little apres session after skiing and chatting about some brands we loved, but we're so expensive due to Canada's exchange rate and duties. We felt there was a gap in the market for Canadians who love to travel to hot destinations in the winter, so we discussed launching our own. After that, we started to plan and eventually got the ball rolling. It was over a year and a half before we launched in 2019. 

Alex: As I said before, Paige and I have always wanted to be entrepreneurs and launch something together. That day at apres when it all finally clicked we knew we had to do whatever we could to make it happen. It was in our mid 20’s and knew there was going to need to be some serious planning put in place before we could really make it happen. We knew creating a swimwear line was going to be tough, but worth it, especially if we were able to provide women with something a little more affordable and sustainable.  That day we finally solidified that we were going to move-forward and launch this brand is definitely a day that will never be forgotten, there was something so nerve-wracking yet so exciting about it, a different kind of happy feeling. 

What's inspiring you right now? 

Paige: Looking for those little bursts of happiness is so important to stay inspired and positive right now. Currently, I'm loving the podcast Life With Marianna, hosted by the co-founder of the skincare brand Summer Fridays. I find it super relatable, obviously being a brand owner myself and the guests she has are always successful women I aspire to be more like! And then to detach from the laptop, I also love a good read—usually self-help. I try to read a minimum of 10 pages as part of my morning routine, which helps set the day's tone. Some favourites are Atomic Habits, Triggers, and Big Magic.

Alex: Just prior to the new year I decided to make a vision board that was very LAC/Business focused that outlined the goals I wanted Paige & I to be able to attain for the business.  It sits in my home office and I am staring at it everyday, all day. It provides me with motivation to keep pushing through, especially after a year like 2020. This along with creating some new routines,  setting daily motivational reminders and listening to entrepreneur driven podcasts and blogs.  I have also been using a motivational quote app. That may sound a little cliche, but when I look down and see an inspiring quote that is very business focused it gives me the drive to push through and remember why we started. 

Another thing that I honestly find inspiring is the collaborative work Paige and I do together. We truly feed off of each other's ideas and having her by my side as my partner pushes me even more so. We constantly encourage and support each other in our other full-time jobs while also doing what we need to do to ensure LAC is a priority. We want to make LAC a brand that everyone knows and loves, having such a strong working relationship is such an important factor, so having someone like her by my side who is constantly pushing to make this a success fuels my fire even more.  

What is your dream for LAC swim?

Alex: A definite goal and dream would be to expand the brand entirely, introducing different suits and products, becoming a lifestyle brand. This will then lead to my ultimate dream of Paige and I opening a Flagship LAC store, hopefully in the Collingwood area, because it encompasses a lot of what our brand is about. 

Paige: Yes! We want to continue to make high-quality products that make our customers feel and look good. Minimal essentials that are timeless in terms of style. 

What's your favourite LAC swim style and colour?

Paige: This is a tough question because obviously, I love all of our styles. I would have to say the Muskoka Top and Nanaimo Bottom is a go-to combo for me. The gold details of the Muskoka Top elevate the style. I wore this combo in the colour Bay on my honeymoon in the Bahamas, and I felt put together and comfortable at the same time. 

Alex: My favourite combo is the Champlain Top and Bala Bottom in Zero. It is most definitely, my go-to style of choice. It is chill but still chic and sexy. The Champlain Top lets the girls peek out a little, and the Bala Bottoms are cheeky and can be worn high on the hip. 

If you're a part of the LAC crew, placed an order, or even subscribed to our email list, we want to say thanks for being a part of our journey! Building a community of independent and confident women is something we aspire to do, alongside creating quality products that fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

You can find more lifestyle inspiration over on Paige's Instagram, and Alex's here

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