How to Pack Like a Minimalist For a Cottage Weekend Away

Do you overpack for a weekend at the cottage and then basically wear the same two things over the course over two or three days? We feel you.

With Victoria Day kicking off the first long weekend of the summer, we have created the perfect minimalist packing list for those upcoming cottage trips getting you to the lake that much faster to enjoy some R&R. 

If you pack the right stuff, you'll be set for cottage weekend getaways all summer long. Here's our go-to list:

Your LAC swimsuit

First and foremost, you need to pack a swimsuit or two because let's be honest, you're going to be spending most of your time at the dock, on the boat, or in the water. 

Plain t-shirts

T-shirts are always a classic go-to at the cottage. Once again, you can easily throw it on, and you're set for whatever activity you have lined up. 

Denim shorts

You can't go wrong when throwing in your denim cut-offs—slip these on over top of your swimsuit with a basic white-t or light sweater, and you're ready to go!


We ladies know that a sundress is one of the greatest pieces of summer apparel for women, as this is an easy piece to dress up or down. Throw on a cute sundress or t-shirt dress over top of your suit and kick the look up a notch with some cute accessories and sandals for a put-together, yet casual look.

A fun hat

Our summers are getting hotter, and the UV is getting stronger, making sunscreen and hats your best friend. Give your face a little extra protection by packing a sun hat or ball cap. 

Your favourite sweats

Skip the grungy grey sweatpants and go for something stylish. We love a Canadian classic—Roots. Thick and cute, perfect for nights out at the bonfire or lounging on the couch reading a good book.  

A cozy flannel 

There's nothing like throwing on a big cozy flannel once the sun goes down to wrap up the day. Peak relaxation mode is sure to happen when you get comfortable in your favourite worn-in flannel by the bonfire. 


Hopefully, this will make your long weekend packing that much easier. Happy cottaging, friends! 

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