Here's Why You Should Take A Weeklong Vacation from Your Phone

Here's Why You Should Take A Weeklong Vacation from Your Phone | LAC SWIM

We’ve all heard of a social media detox by now, but taking a weeklong vacation from your phone can also be super beneficial to your overall well-being. 

While smartphones have helped keep us organized, connected, and entertained, they can also be a time-waster; and depending on the app, stress-inducing too!

So why not take a breather, set your phone aside and get back to the things that matter most?

Here’s why you need to put the phone down, STAT. 

Forces you to embrace your environment

There are obvious reasons for the “phones in the basket” rule. Whether you’re at the gym, working, during dinner, or out with friends, one chime from our phone is often enough to steal us away from the moment. 

Taking a vacation from your phone forces you to be a part of the “now” without any disruptions or distractions. 

You won’t feel tempted to check your phone whenever there’s a ten-second lull and as a result, you’ll be fully able to enjoy your surroundings (or that movie) and keep up with that conversation over lunch.

Avoid social media anxiety

While certain content can be inspirational, and that meme is pee-your-pants worthy, constantly being connected to social media can actually be detrimental for your mental health. 

Spending time on social media often makes us feel anxious, depressed, or generally sad. And of course, there’s that dreaded feeling of FOMO. 

It’s easy to feel bad about yourself, or even be envious when you see someone you follow seemingly living the high life on social media. Taking a vacation from your phone means you won’t be tempted to get sucked into self-doubt and negative thoughts. 

Get shit done

It’s shocking how much you can get done when you forget your phone at home, or tuck it aside for the day. 

Quit the beeps, notifications or just the general temptation of having your phone in reach.

Having zero phone distractions also stops you from breaking your train of focus. You’ll be able to get tasks completed faster, and you’ll have more time on your hands for other passions. You know—the ones you’ve been neglecting. 

Work-life balance

Having access to your email, messaging or collaboration apps makes it too easy to answer when work calls. 

Even if you don’t intend on replying to your emails, just reading about work can be enough to break you out of your zen on your days off.

Taking a smartphone break allows you to be less connected to your work-life so you can regain some balance when you’re away from your desk.

Enjoy some time alone

When you’re out having the time of your life, why wouldn’t you want to share it with everyone on the ‘gram? But forgoing your phone for a week will allow you to keep the moment to yourself for a change. 

While sharing your achievements with family and friends is always fun, sometimes relishing in your own moments go a long way too.



How to Take a Weeklong Vacation from Your Phone

The benefits are clear, however, actually taking the plunge is the difficult part. Here’s how you can go about pulling the plug. 

Hint: It’s a lot easier than you think. 

  • Start Small: If you’re used to being on your phone all throughout the day, starting a week without your phone might be hard to do. Instead, start by taking days or even evenings away from your phone and work way up from there.

  • Tell People About Your Vacation: Just so you don’t get the feeling that you’re missing something important, or someone is trying to get a hold of you, tell people about your vacation from your phone. If people know you’ll be away, you won’t feel obligated to check and respond or leave people hanging.

  • Use Your Phone Without Being Connected: If you use your phone for reading, music or games, put your phone on “airplane mode” to avoid interruptions. You can also go ahead and remove all apps not meant for entertainment. While Netflix is great for unwinding, that Gmail notification isn’t.

  • Take It Out of the Room: “Out of sight, out of mind” definitely applies to this scenario. You won’t be tempted to use your phone if you can’t see it. Better yet, you won’t be tempted if you don’t have access to it at all. Keep it far away for the best results.

  • 5 things to do while on your phone detox

    Now that you’re free of distractions, you have all the time in the world to do something awesome. 

    Embrace the outdoors

    Smartphones are notorious for keeping people indoors and focused on their screens; so it’s time to get reacquainted with the great outdoors!

    Whether it’s hanging out in a nearby park, hitting up the beach (in your LAC swim suit), or going camping, you won’t need your phone to embrace your natural surroundings. 

    Get active

    Our phones can keep us confined to our chairs or sofas, scrolling and tapping away. But forgoing your phone for a week opens you up to putting some time aside to get active.

    Going to the gym without your phone will really allow you to focus on your workout and going for a hike will allow you to really take in the natural setting. 

    Swimming, dance classes, or even jogging (sans music) are all things you can add to your routine on your week without your phone.

    Reconnect IRL

    While phones are great for staying connected with others no matter how far away they are—nothing beats hanging out in real life. 

    Take the time away from your phone to visit and hang with family and friends, or try reconnecting with an old colleague or friend over coffee.

    In-person, you’ll be able to laugh, hug and connect without the interference of a screen. Stories are so much better when you can hear all the details yourself, and see the expressions to go with it.

    Learn a new hobby

    If you don’t have your phone in hand, you’ll probably have extra time for your hands to do other things like starting a new hobby! 

    Whether it’s sewing, painting, or learning how to play an instrument, learning a new hobby can be so much more fulfilling than liking puppies on Instagram. Heck, why not go crazy and pet a real-life puppy?

    Tap into your inner artist with painting or channel Rocky in boxing. Skills are something you hang on to for a lifetime.

    Take an actual vacation

    What better time to put your phone away than on vacation! Using your phone on vacation just reminds you of what’s going on back home, instead of allowing you to soak up each and every moment while living it. 

    Taking a weeklong vacation from your phone will allow you to truly relish in your environment without being reminded of work or how much you miss your pets. 

    Don’t worry, you can always upload your vacay pics when you return.

    What are your favourite things to do phone-free? Let’s hear it below!

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