8 classic summer style essentials you can't live without

8 classic summer style essentials you can't live without | LAC SWIM

Today we're talking summer style classics, let's dive right in, shall we?

1. A classic white swimsuit

Sure, a classic black swimsuit is a must-have but don’t forget about white! It’s the official colour of summer, looks bomb with a tan (fake or real) and can be paired with virtually anything.

2. Boyfriend denim cutoffs

Who wears short-shorts? *doesn’t raise hand*. Don’t get us wrong, short shorts are great and all, but sometimes we don’t want stiff denim riding up our… you know where. A good pair of baggy denim shorts that you can easily throw on are a must have in your closet this summer—and forever.

3. Dainty gold jewellery

Save the heavy costume jewellery for fall and winter because in the summer it’s all about light-weight pieces that compliment (not overpower) any outfit. Think jewellery you can wear to the pool or beach, that will take your look up a notch.\

4. Striped linen pants

Basically the comfiest things ever aka borderline wearing loungewear outside, yet you look super put-together and ready for lunch with friends, a day at the beach or a night out on the town.

5. White button up

I mean, is this even necessary to point out? A white button up is not only a summer staple but a life-staple. You can wear it as a pool coverup, to the office, on a hot-date, chillin’ on the couch, it’s literally the most versatile item that every person should own.

6. Comfy sandals

Flip flops are so 2005—it’s all about strappy sandals that actually offer some sort of support. Think those sandals your Dad used to wear when BBQ’ing in the 90’s but upgraded.

7. A stylish straw hat

We love us some Vitamin D, but there comes a time in every girl's life when we realize that the sun is our frenemy. A good lightweight straw hat, will keep you protected but also kick your look up a few notches.

8. Your favourite sunnies

Last but certainly not least, your favourite pair of sunglasses. We love a good classic metal frame with green lenses—you can never go wrong with RayBans. The go-to accessory for all four seasons.


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