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Feel Comfy, Cozy & Chic From Home (CFH) in These 5 Loungewear Brands

Raise your hand if you have barely worn a bra throughout quarantine...yup, same sis! As women, I think we can collectively agree that after a long day there really is nothing like unclasping that bra to let yourself BE FREE. Normally after I have flung my bra across the room I find a big sweater and sweat pants or tights to get into full chill mode for the evening.

Now that we're all WFH or just HOME all the time, I am getting a little bored of my grungey look, but still, of course, need to continue to go braless because I am going to milk this for as long as I can [pun intended]. I love being comfy and dressed down, but I also subscribe to the look-good, feel-good mentality, so I thought to myself it is time for a new cute, cozy, and chic "uniform".  I have narrowed it down this list to my fave five CFH (Chic From Home) lounger looks. 


  1. Basically anything from the SKIMS Cozy Collection check it out and you'll know what I mean. 

  2. Apres Actif Jogger and Lux Long Sleeve these pieces are comfy and quality, made by a local Canadian brand that is inspired by ski and snowboard culture. Bonus: All items are unisex so you and your mans can match. I personally own these items already and basically LIVE in them, so I highly recommend it.

  3. Aerie Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt and The Soft Ribbed Sleep Short for those of us who are obsessed with the resurfaced bike short trend and want to change it up from the regular sweatpants look.

  4. Out From Jenny Tie Dye Sweat Suit because there is nothing better than tie-dye and this fleecy number looks cozy AF. 

  5. Asos Mix & Match Loungewear pick any style of pant, top, or sweater in a variety of different colours - whatever may suit your fancy for your CFH look. Definitely a great staple uniform if you ask me!


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