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Here's Why You Should Take A Weeklong Vacation from Your Phone

We’ve all heard of a social media detox by now, but taking a weeklong vacation from your phone can also be super beneficial to your overall well-being.  While smartphones have helped keep us organized, connected, and entertained, they can also be a time-waster; and depending on the app, stress-inducing too! 

What is The LAC Effect?

Today we're talking about what #theLACeffect means to you so we can band together as women, knowing that it is okay to be authentically yourself. 

8 Classic Summer Style Essentials You Can't Live Without

Today we're talking summer style classics, let's dive right in, shall we?

5 quality suncreen's that will keep your skin protected all summer

Sweet, sweet summer is fast approaching, meaning it is about to get real hot and the UV is about to get real strong. In recent years the UV has become increasingly intense making sunscreen more important than ever to protect our skin. Sunscreen is probably the most important step when it comes to our skin care regimen.

Four amazing weekend getaways in Ontario

Looking for a great getaway with the girls?! We have some great spots that are a must visit this summer. 

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